Dirty Laundry

App Concept + Design
Visual Identity + Branding

Dirty Laundry

App Concept + Design

Dirty Laundry is a modern laundromat with an integrated application that streamlines the dreaded laundry task for busy young adults on-the-go. The app allows users to check availability of machines, book a machine online, track laundry loads and pay online, all with ease and in style. A stain graphic is used as the main branding element to infuse humour into the brand, while poking fun at the all too familiar experience of staining our favourite clothes. With a playful tone of voice, Dirty Laundry takes a light-hearted approach to a chore that can be quite personal and even lonely for many.

The idea for a modern laundromat stemmed from my own frustrations with those university laundry days that were both inefficient and exhausting. Carrying a heavy basket full of clothes only to find no available machines was frustrating, and that harsh lighting of the laundromat didn't help either. Dirty Laundry is a solution to this relatable problem.

School project


Use the "cheat sheet" for a quick laundry education on understanding laundry symbols, as well as how to remove common stains


The branding extends across all touchpoints, including products and accessories that one might find at a Dirty Laundry location