Ani + Wren

For almost 10 years, Ani and Wren have been the go-to fashion boutique for expectant mothers. Over time, founders Lani (Ani) and Lauren (Wren) saw their buyers evolve to include women of all ages, prompting the duo to shift their focus away from a strictly maternity offering. To mark a new era for the brand, Ani and Wren needed a new visual identity that felt accessible yet aspirational to the contemporary woman.

The new identity allows Ani and Wren to look and sound like the "cool big sister" figure they are to the modern woman searching for curated fashion and styling tips. Ani and Wren's mission is to make style simple. A neutral palette with a pop of colour, chic packaging, aspirational styling, and authentic messaging bring to life the bold new attitude of the brand. The new icon celebrates the parternship of sister-in-law founders Lauren and Lani who remain at the heart of the company.

Freelance Project, 2021
Role: Visual Identity, Packaging & Campaign Art Direction
Photography: Louisa Nicolaou
Created with Band of Others

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