SIDIA Hand Care

SIDIA ventures into the beauty space with a two-step hand care system containing The Hand Exfoliant, an exfoliating hand soap, and The Hand Serum, a hydrating serum. The packaging leans into a moody, luxury aesthetic with sleek black components that bring a touch of elegance into the bathroom. The matte and shiny bottles speak to their respective product textures, while subtly differentiating between the two products. A jewel-esque emerald green cap brings a pop of color and excitement to the minimal palette. 

Adding model photography to the outer boxes brings a lifestyle element into the packaging, speaking to SIDIA’s goal of inspiring consumers to take much needed self-care moments. The pop of bright green typography on the box connects the outer packaging to the component inside, while also nodding to the fresh citrus scent of the product.

Role: Packaging Design & Campaign Art Direction
Creative Direction: Erin Kleinberg
Photography: Michael Kazimierczuk
Prop Styling: Wilson Wong
Logo: Jane Espiritu
© 2023